"Piccolo Kara no Dasshutsu! Arashi o Yobu Gohan"
(Escape From Piccolo! Gohan Summons a Storm)
"Escape from Piccolo" (Never Aired)

While Piccolo is off training by himself, Gohan decides that he wants to go home, and tries to escape by fasioning a handmade sand boat in which to cross the desert. Gohan eventually realizes that he is on an island, and has been all along. He builds a raft and sets out to sea, only to be caught up in a raging storm.

This episode, and the next one, make up FUNimation's infamous "lost episode," which was never shown on North American TV. I haven't seen FUNimation's version, so I can't do a report on it. All I can conclude is that a bunch would have needed to be cut in order for Japanese episodes 15 and 16 to fit into a single English episode.

I do know for sure, however, that this episode IS available on the Pioneer videocassettes of the FUNimation dub, so if you want to see it, this is probably the only way to do so. I'm not going to buy the tape just to see the thing, so unless it is shown at some point in reruns, (hopefully when the Cartoon Network gets the series this fall) the cuts, censors, etc. will just have to go unreported, I guess.

**UPDATE, August 1st, '99**
OK, I've been getting mail about this for almost a year now, and it's beginning to drive me insane. For a while there, I just kind of let it ride because it was rather amusing, but after the 257th "Cartoon Network showed that one!" message, it isn't all that fun anymore.

First a little explanation: As stated above, this episode was not aired during the original run of the first season, when DBZ was in syndication. It seems that Saban had some problems with the plot, which involves orphans, disrespecting authority, and other such naughty ideas, so it never made it on the air. OK, fine. That's cleared up. Now onto today.

Guys, I am perfectly aware that, as per my above prediction (which I wrote in July '98) Cartoon Network did indeed finally show "Escape From Piccolo" in early September '98. I have it on tape, it was almost a year ago, it's ancient history. FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI, STOP E-MAILING ME WITH THE "NEWS" THAT IT WAS AIRED! Actually, I guess it's my fault for not updating this right away when it was first shown... but, oh well.

So, why haven't I reviewed the episode yet? Because I don't have access to the Japanese version, the recording got screwed up.

(Wow, I can't believe I finally got around to doing this! I'll never get another one of those "Cartoon Network showed 'Escape From Piccolo'!" mails again. Hmm, that's actually kind of sad. They've sort of become a DBZ Uncensored tradition over the last few months.)

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