"Asu Naki Machi! Shouri e no Tooi Michinori"
(City of No Tomorrow! The Long Road to Victory)
"Showdown in the Past" 96-11-15

Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Kuririn are training at Kami's palace when Mr. Popo leads them to a special room that allows them to travel through time and space. They find themselves on the planet Vegeta 100 years ago, where they face two brutal Saiya-jin who kill all of them easily. They regain awareness in the same room that they left, amazed to be alive, but with newfound humility in the face of pure Saiya-jin might.

I think this is one of the better fillers, mostly because of the creativity of it. The eerie pendulum room is really a neat concept, as well as the idea that the guys can travel through time and space in their astral bodies. You could do an entire series with something like this! Plus, it's just an exciting and interesting episode overall.

Begin English episode 11

As they walk through the ruins, notice the SKELETONS laying everywhere. So let me get this straight, it IS OK to show dead bodies, they just have to be at an advanced stage of decomposition. Fresh dead bodies are a no no. Whatever.

(15 sec.) This is a wierd one. The Saiya-jin is holding Chaozu up by the head, and every shot that shows this is snipped. Why? This is one of those things I don't even have a theory for. I know that blows to the head are against the regulations, so does this count as a blow to the head? Wierd.

When the Saiya-jin hits Tenshinhan in the face, a spurt of blood flies out the side of his mouth. This is painted over.

(5 sec.) When the two Saiya-jin finish Tenshinhan and Yamucha off, we can actually see the blasts hit both. Tenshinhan gets a glancing hit to the throat, which draws a little spray of blood, and Yamucha gets impaled through the midsection, which is actually quite bloody.

End English episode 11