"Waku-sei Freeza Number 79 -- Fukkatsu no Vegeta!!"
(Planet Freeza No. 79 -- Vegeta's Recovery!!)
"Hunt for a Dragon Ball" 97-9-20

Gohan, Kuririn, and Buruma continue in their quest for more Dragon Balls, and are faced with increasingly dangerous hazards in their efforts to retrieve them. Their search leads to a huge castle, where they end up fighting a giant for their very lives. Meanwhile, Goku escapes from the hospital, lying in bed for all of this time has practically driven him mad. And on planet Freeza, Vegeta emerges from the rejuvenation tank healed, and ready to seek his revenge.

The filler episodes continue, and this one really, really bugs me. That whole thing with the giant was just so stupid, boring, and pointless. I honestly don't know why FUNimation bothered with any of these episodes. Why not skip them and go right on to the important stuff?

English episode 30 continued

Buruma sings: "Dragon Ball, gotta find that Dragon Ball...." etc. Anybody remember this song? Yep. It was the English theme to the original FUNimation Dragon Ball series. She's not singing anything in the Japanese version. Oh well, I don't really care about this one, it was kind of cute, actually, although Lalainia Lindbjerg doesn't exactly have the best singing voice I've ever heard.

Buruma's line: "If I crash and DIE, I'm going to be very upset." Excuse me, if you crash and WHAT?? Did you say "die"?? Hmm. Wonder how THIS slipped by the censors.

There are a few shots of Vegeta in the rejuvenation tank with some underwear added, and also one when he is getting out. This is wierd since, even in the Japanese version, the camera doesn't even go down far enough to show his crack. But nonetheless, you can still see the added undies at the very very bottom of the screen. Why the hell would someone wear underwear in a rejuvenation tank?

End English episode 30