"Sorotta zo Dragon Ball! Piccolo-san mo Ikikaeru"
(The Dragon Balls are All Here! And Piccolo-san Will Come Back to Life)
"Who's Who?" 97-9-27

Vegeta, fully recovered, armors up and prepares to leave for Namek, and is threatened by Kiwi, a minion of Freeza, to straighten up and stop pursuing his own selfish interests. Meanwhile, the search for the Dragon Balls continues, and our heroes have only one more to go. Suddenly, they find that they have been pawns in a game by Raichi and Zakuro, who are not Nameku-jin at all, nor is Namek the planet that the ship landed on. The entire incident has been an illusion, and Buruma, Kuririn, and Gohan are trapped in the clutches of the evil aliens.

OH MY GOD! THE WORLD IS ENDING! This episode does not contain a single, solitary cut, censor, or anything else. Not a FRAME of footage is lost in this one. Amazing! The very first episode of the English version to be perfectly untouched. Too bad it's just a filler!

Begin English episode 31

End English episode 31 (Yup! That simple!)

100% (Egad!)