"Arata na Kyouteki! Uchuu no Teiou Freeza"
(A Tough New Enemy! Freeza, Emperor of the Universe)
"Touchdown on Namek" 97-9-27

Buruma, Gohan, and Kuririn manage to escape from Raichi and Zakuro, and take off for the real Namek, where they arrive shortly thereafter. No sooner than they land, however, do they see a Saiyan spacecraft in the Namek sky and are horrified when they realize that there is only one person it can be. Elsewhere, a Dragon Ball has been wrested from the hands of the Nameku-jin by a group of aliens led by a being of unimaginable power, the almighty Freeza.

Yikes, I don't have this one on tape anymore, the recording got screwed up. I DO know however, that nothing was cut, although I think there was a censored shot of the dead Namek. The big news here, however, is that this episode marks the first appearance of my favorite villain, Freeza. This was also a horrifying moment for me when I heard his voice for the first time in the English version. I almost passed out, this was WORSE than Vegeta's! It was a sad day indeed.

Begin English episode 32

End English episode 32

100% (I think...)