"Yabou no Vegeta! Uchuu Ichi no Senshi wa Ore da!!"
(Vegeta's Ambition! I am the Greatest Warrior in the Universe!!)
"Face-off on Namek" 97-10-4

Freeza's men detect some unexplainable power readings and send out two men to investigate. Gohan and Kuririn are, of course, the source of the unexplainable energy, and the fight begins. Our heroes easily defeat the rather weak soldiers, but not before they cause quite a bit of damage to Kami's spaceship. Meanwhile, Vegeta battles Kiwi, an old nemesis, and dispatches him without any difficulty.

Another almost uncut episode, it lost just a few seconds. There's some good fighting in this one, I'm glad they kept it intact.

Begin English episode 33

FUNimation tries a rather interesting technique here. The Namek lying on the ground next to Freeza and his henchmen is, of course, dead as disco. But in the English version, they got someone to make breathing sounds so that he appears to be alive! Rather interesting, I must say. Also, there is supposed to be some purple blood coming out of the dead Namek's head. Interesting. Just how many colors of blood do Nameku-jin have?? Piccolo's is red when he gets his arm cut off, but when his arm is regenerating, there's a green snotty-looking substance that comes out. And this guy's is purple. Hmm. FUNimation seems to think that the green stuff is OK, but the red and purple are not. Whatever.

(2 sec.) We actually see Vegeta's punch to Kiwi's stomach connecting and shattering his armor just before Vegeta tosses him away and blows his ass up.

Vegeta to the exploding Kiwi: "See ya... If I cross your new dimension!"

Hmm... that's a wierd one. It still sucks, but at least it's a little different.

Kuririn's hat says "Kame Sen Kulilin." I'm surprised FUNimation didn't paint over it to read "Master Roshi Krillin."

English episode 33 continues...