"Yuuki Hyakubai! Kaiou no Moto ni Shuuketsu Suru Senshitachi"
(Courage Times One Hundred! The Warriors Gathered Under Kaiou)
"A Collision Course" and
"Stay Away From Frieza"

Vegeta invades a Namek village, kills its inhabitants, takes their Dragon Ball, and throws it in a nearby lake for safekeeping. Back in the cave, Dende tells Gohan and Kuririn that they are Namek's only hope, and that he will take them to see the Great Elder to awaken sleeping powers within both. Meanwhile, Kaiou contacts Goku telepathically to tell him that Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Piccolo have arrived on his planetoid to be trained.

No censoring in this one, but plenty of that annoying wussified dialogue to cover up death, etc. Otherwise, pretty standard episode, and almost completely uncut, which is always nice.

English episode 38 continued

Buruma to Dende: "I'm sure you're family's okay..." NO, FOR THE LAST TIME, THEY'RE DEAD!! Why does FUNimation feel it necessary to continue to drive in this point that they're still alive? All that does is make things seem a little odd since Dende is in the show for the rest of the series, and never sees, or looks for, his family again.

Vegeta: "You green pipsqueak! I'll send you to another dimension!"

You know, it would be nice if they could kill someone just once in this show, and NOT say that line.

Gohan: "They'll probably just hunt down the rest of the Nameks, trying to get their dirty hands on the Dragon Balls, and probably hurt them too!"

Oooh!! Oh no! They'll hunt the Nameks down and HURT them! Oh please, Mr. Evil Freeza, don't HURT me!

(2 sec.) Vegeta comes down on the Namek villager with a two-fisted punch to the forehead. Ow ow ow!! Damn that looks like it hurts! In the English vesion you just see Vegeta coming down, and then the Namek falling backward, the hit itself isn't actually shown.

Vegeta: "Don't ever try to stop me, or you'll find yourselves... in another dimension!"

Yikes, twice in one episode!

(7 sec.) A shot of Vegeta hovering over the village he just destroyed, the ground littered with Namek bodies.

End English episode 38 (about 10 and a half minutes in)

The part where Goku's friends contact him telepathically for the first time since their deaths is completely screwed up in the English version, all because of the music. This scene feels TOTALLY different. In the Japanese one, that "touching moment" music is used, which, well, makes the moment a whole lot more touching, it almost brings a tear to your eye. In the English one it's just that aimless, wandering crap in the background, and you don't feel any of the emotion that is expressed by this scene in the Japanese version.

I realized something about FUNimation's score, it is incredibly narrow. There are seemingly three types of themes: action, heroic, and mischeivious. There simply isn't any music for this type of scene, one of those emotional, tearjerking moments. Therefore, when one of those scenes comes up, they aren't effective at all at getting the viewer to feel what he is supposed to feel. They really need to work on this, because some of these scenes are the best ones in all of Dragon Ball. Anybody remember (from much later in the series) when Goku meets Goten for the first time? Man, I just break down every time I watch that scene, and so much of it has to do with the music used.

English episode 39 continues...