"Kike Goku Yo! Freeza Niwa Te o Dasu Na"
(Listen to Me Goku! Hands Off Freeza)
"Stay Away From Frieza" and
"Zarbon Transformed"

Goku tells everyone on Kaiou's world that there is an incredibly powerful force on Namek that he has been warned about. Kaiou finds to his horror that the power belongs to Freeza, and he immediately forbids Goku and the others to face him. Kaiou then tells the aspiring students that they must pass the first test in order to be trained: Each must make him laugh. Yamucha and Chaozu pass easily, Tenshinhan manages to succeed after some difficulty, and Piccolo does so purely by accident. Meanwhile, Vegeta runs into his old nemesis Zarbon, and the fight begins.

Hmm, this one worked out pretty well actually. There was just one minor censor, and one (understandable I suppose) mistranslation. No cutting whatsoever, though, as far as I could see.

English episode 39 continued

Tenshinhans joke for Kaiou in the English version: "You can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish!"

Tenshinhans joke for Kaiou in the Japanese version: Hmm... well I couldn't quite translate this, but it has something to do with snot being frozen to your nose. Kaiou says he doesn't get it, but it makes him laugh anyway.

I guess that even though FUNimation's joke is corny as hell, it doesn't really matter since the part of the scene that actually IS funny is retained. This is, of course, watching Tenshinhan trying to make someone laugh, which is totally against his dead serious character. And he stands there struggling, as if accomplishing this task is the most difficult training he has ever undergone, perhaps more difficult than taking on ten Saiya-jin at once.

End English episode 39 (about 11 minutes in)

During the fight between Zarbon and Vegeta, there is some blue blood coming out the side of Zarbon's mouth. English-version-only viewers are really missing out on all the different colors of blood the different races have!

English episode 40 continues...