"Freeza no Himitsu Heiki! Akuma no Ginyu Tokusentai"
(Freeza's Secret Weapon! The Demonic Ginyu Squadron)
"Immortality Denied" and
"Big Trouble For Bulma"

Freeza's elite fighting force, the Ginyu Squadron, blasts off from planet Freeza No. 79 on their way to Namek. Meanwhile, Gohan finds the Dragon Ball Vegeta hid, and brings it back to the cave where Buruma and Kuririn are waiting. He meets Vegeta along the way, and narrowly avoids having the Dragon Ball discovered. Kuririn and the others leave the cave immediately, and seek a new hiding place, where Buruma stays while Gohan and Kuririn set off to meet the Great Elder. A furious Vegeta discovers that his Dragon Ball has been stolen, but is unable to find the Earthlings, and realizes that his only choice is to wait until he sees them again.

This one is utterly disinteresting in terms of alterations, etc. The only thing that really stands out for me is the part where Vegeta knees Gohan in the stomach. I can't BELIEVE they left that in there! Especially since they have cut so many scenes like it already. Oh well, once again, FUNimation is a strange bunch.

English episode 45 continued

After Freeza zaps his henchman: "Guess you were blasted into another dimension for no reason at all!"

OK, stupid, typical, and all that. But wouldn't it have been easier for FUNimation to simply cut this? I'm honestly not sure which is worse: editing the death, or having to hear this "another dimension" garbage.

End English episode 45 (about 16 minutes in)

English episode 46 continues...