"Tsui ni Chokusetsu Taiketsu!! Ginyu Taichou no Odemashi da"
(Finally, a Straightforward Confrontation! Captain Ginyu's Appearance)
"Ginyu Assault" and
"Incredible Force"

Goku defeats Bahta with one hit, and Jees, realizing that he is outmatched, flies off to get reinforcements in the form of Captain Ginyu. Vegeta finishes off the helpless Bahta and Rikuum, and Jees returns with Ginyu, ready for battle.

I don't know, is it just me, or is the dialogue even worse in Season 3? It must be worse, because I've got more stupid lines to mention than I ever did before. Anyway, this episode was rather shocking, as it featured the first two character deaths (Recoome and Bahta) without any mention of you-know-what. They never came out and said that they were "dead" or "killed," of course, but it was nice to see something happen that surely would have been altered in the first two seasons.

English episode 54 continued

This is the first instance of a very interesting Season 3 phenomenon: dialogue changes from the Uncut (videotape) version to the cut (TV) version in order to clean up anything that might be construed as offensive.

In this case, Bahta says "Bite me!" in the uncut video, and "Turkey!" on the CN airing. Hmm.... "Bite me!" is pretty tame I would say, but I guess FUNimation doesn't think so.

You know, it's strange that FUNimation bothers to do this. I mean, what's the point? They never get to where the characters are all out swearing, so what's the use of recording the lines with this goofy pseudo-swearing, then going to the trouble of "fixing" them for the TV version? Bahta doesn't say EITHER of those things in the Japanese version anyway! My big question is, why do the characters say "Darn!" and "My gosh!" in both versions if the "swearing" is OK for the uncut?? Why not "Damn!" and "My god!"

I guess the naughty lines are just there so that the fans will feel that they are getting their money's worth for uncut version "exclusives." The fact is, now that the show is on CN with its much more relaxed editing standards, the uncut version needs all the extra features it can get in order to sell. Hey! I've got an idea! WHY NOT PUT THE ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE BACK IN?? Heh. But seriously, they would sell a LOT more tapes that way. Despite what FUNimation insists on telling themselves, and all my personal feelings aside, the fact is that the Japanese score is UNIVERSALLY preferred over the US one. Look in the opinion section. Look at the countless emails I get. Wake up FUNimation. We like the original music a thousand times more than your crap, and we want it back.

Anyway, this weird dialogue change thing happens a lot now. My problem is that I've only got one of the tapes, and I'm not going to spend money on them just to hear the swearing. So if you people out there who bought the tapes and are comparing the dialogue to the TV versions would be kind enough to help me in this respect, I'd appreciate it.

Here are the stupid lines I gathered up this episode:

Goku to Bahta, after being asked how he could be so fast: "It must be my diet. I eat really wholesome foods!"

Good sweet Kami, I did NOT hear that. This is almost as bad as the beer can fiasco. Oh, but Bahta's rebuttal (re-Bahta? heh) is even worse:

"You think? Your diet huh? WELL YOU'LL BE EATING MY FIST NEXT!"

Oh, puh-leeeeeze.

Jees: "Sometimes you've gotta know when to GO, GO, GO!!"

What is this? This sounds like something some dork villain would say in the old Super Friends cartoon. Incidentally, I'd like to mention that they never seem to decide on just what kind of accent Jees has. Scott McNeil's was more British, but the FUNimation Studios guy is decidedly Australian, what with all the "mate"s and all. In any case, it shouldn't be there at all since there are no Australians (or Brits for that matter) in the Dragon Ball universe, let alone on the other side of the galaxy.

Goku: "That means there's still a chance to wish Piccolo and the others back to this dimension"

OH CRAP!! Just when you thought it was safe to watch the dub again, here comes Goku with that horrible line that we NEVER thought we'd hear again. Sure they say death now too, but WHY DOES THIS PIECE OF CRAP HAVE TO CONTINUE BEING PART OF THE SHOW?? I guess it's just a consistency thing. If they just suddenly stop using the expression it might seem kind of weird. But then again, "consistency" doesn't seem to be something that FUNimation is all that concerned about.

Kuririn: "Just a couple of wild and crazy space explorers!"

No comment in particular on this, just a really stupid line.

Wow. Vegeta stomped on Bahta's neck, blasted Rikuum out of existence, and they showed every frame of it, without any cop-out dialogue! Impressive. This made me very happy, I never thought I'd see this happen, Bahta's tongue flopping out and all!

End English episode 54 (about 12 minutes in)

(48 sec.) Buruma alone at the camp site, reminiscing about Goku. This is one of the few cut scenes of Season 3, almost certainly for time in order to snip away the few minutes needed to get the episodes synced. (They don't sync exactly until 72, see the Episode Conversion Table for more info.)

Also, they might have trashed this because part of Buruma's flashback shows a completely nude young Goku.

Gohan's line: "He'd rather die than let the Dragon Balls be used for any kind of evil!" is the first line since way back in English episode 3 in which the word "die" is used. Thankfully, it is not the last. Welcome back, Mr. Death!! We really, really missed you. And thank you, Cartoon Network, for not being a bunch of damned wusses like Saban.

English Episode 55 continues...