"Tatakai no Yukue!? Saichourou ni Semaru Freeza no Aku no Te"
(Where is the Battle Happening!? Freeza's Demonic Hand Approaches the Great Elder)
"Frieza Approaches" and
"Goku is Ginyu & Ginyu is Goku"

Kuririn and Gohan go to find Buruma, who has just taken off with the Dragon Radar. The Great Elder bestows a special healing power on Dende, and Freeza arrives soon after. Three Nameks show up to defend the Great Elder, but are easily defeated. Nail remains as the last line of defense.

This one went fairly well, actually. Not much stupid dialogue, the voices seemed just a tad better, and oooh! The violence! Some pretty harsh stuff going on, and none of it edited in any way.

English episode 56 continued

(1 min. 2 sec.) I'm not sure if this scene was cut for content or time, perhaps it was both. Buruma, flying on her jetbike, comes across a village of dead Nameks. She walks through saying that the scene is "hidoi!" (terrible), and picks up a dead baby and holds it in her arms, lamenting the senseless fate of those who died.

In Seasons 1 or 2, this kind of thing would have ended up right on the cutting room floor of course, but I'm not sure about CN. After all, showing dead bodies is apparently OK with them (Bahta, Gurudo). Then again, these are the dead bodies of victims, including children. So like I said, I'm not sure if this was a cut for time or for content.

Goku to Ginyu: "It's bad Karma!"

(sigh) Well, at least they're making references to Eastern religions now. It's better than the Christian stuff in the first two seasons.

Nail to Freeza: "You'll need to check with the Chamber of Commerce!"

Um... hmm.... I'm not even sure if this is supposed to be serious or funny. There certainly isn't a Namek Chamber of Commerce, (unless FUNimation decided to make one up), so I guess this is intended as a joke.

Freeza to the Namek warriors: "You have the power levels of a Boy Scout troop!"

Does FUNimation not see the problem with lines like this? It's actually the SECOND time that the Boy Scouts have been mentioned in DBZ. Let me write it out for you in all caps FUNimation: THIS IS AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, THERE ARE NO BOY SCOUTS. EVEN IF IT WASN'T AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, FREEZA WOULD NOT KNOW OF SUCH A THING. AND IF HE DID, HE CERTAINLY WOULDN'T MAKE REFERENCE TO IT! FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI, STOP WRITING THIS GARBAGE! IT'S EMBARRASSING!

Wow again. Freeza's utter decimation of the three Namek warriors was completely untouched. This is a very violent scene, and it came through unscathed. Ah. That's sooo nice for a change. I thought they would fiddle with this at least somewhat, but... no! There it is in all it's smashing-through-trees, impaled-into-mountains, firing-through-chests glory. It never ceases to amaze me how much more lax on editing Cartoon Network is. Freeza's "sexy" English voice continues to reach new levels of inappropriateness, though. Am I the only one who thinks that he is unmistakably flirting with Nail here? What's up with the "little old me" stuff?

End English episode 56 (about 18 minutes in)

English episode 57 continues...