"Bikkuri!! Goku ga Ginyu de Ginyu ga Goku"
(Surprise!! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku)
"Goku is Ginyu & Ginyu is Goku" 99-9-15

Nail battles Freeza in an effort to stall him and give Dende and the Earthlings enough time to use the Dragon Balls and summon Porunga. Gohan and Kuririn intercept Buruma to borrow the Dragon Radar, and fly off towards Freeza's ship. Meanwhile, Captain Ginyu mortally wounds himself, then successfully uses his "change" technique to switch bodies with Goku.

Well, this was it. My very first exposure to Season 3 was this episode, and... heh. If you read my editorial about it and the other three episodes on the "Double Cross" video, you'll know that I was, how do I say it? Less than pleased.

This one really isn't so bad in an overall sense, but like I said, it was my first impression, and it'll always have a special significance to me as the moment where I finally came to a true appreciation of the Ocean Studios cast, how good they really were, and a realization of how much I was going to miss them.

English episode 57 continued

(16 seconds) The episode begins with a few shots of the three dead Namek warriors. Hmm... this one was only 16 seconds long, so I think it would be REALLY stretching it to say that it's a cut for time. CN may indeed have a problem with the dead Nameks, although, as I said previously, bodies are shown later on so I can't be too sure. Again, this may be because the bodies in question are villains, whereas the Namek warriors are good guys, perhaps making the footage a bit more objectionable.

Freeza to Nail: "Any last wishes before you go the way of the dodo?"

A variation on Kuririn's Season 2 "way of the dinosaurs" line. Just as ridiculous of course. Do I even need to say what's wrong with it? You know the drill. Alternate universe, Freeza's an alien and wouldn't know about the dodo, blah blah blah. This idiotic writing just pisses me off to no end.

Freeza to Nail, upon tearing his arm off: "Maybe you can use it as a backscratcher! Ha ha ha! A backscratcher! Where do I come up with this stuff?"

Yeah. Boy, you're real funny. FUNimation really IS trying to turn this show into a stand up act. They probably thought Freeza's "special one-time bonus" line was pretty damned cute, too. Or how about "I'll just have to make a copy of that [limb regeneration] power because it just might come in HAND-y someday!"

If the honorable Ryusei Nakao could witness this, I'm fairly certain he'd be mortified to hear the combination of this voice and these lines on the character he so wonderfully brought to life.

This footage has the distinct "honor" of being the first of Season 3 to be censored. It happens when Freeza tears Nail's arm off. When Freeza digs his fingers into Nail's arm, you can see a little blood, but upon the actual tearing, a fountain comes gushing out, which is painted over. In the next shot, the one where Nail is reeling backwards, you can see the blood coming from the wound. Next, in the close-up of the stump, you can even hear squirting and dripping sounds, and there is indeed blood there. But there's a lot more in the uncut version, and the squirting and dripping actually happens.

So some of the blood was censored, but some of it wasn't. Why is that? Upon watching a few more episodes past this, I noticed a pattern emerging: Blood appears to be OK, but only if it remains attached to the bleeder. For example, squirting and spurting shots are always painted over, as are dripping shots if the blood actually leaves the persons body. But as long as it's dripping ON THEM, or remaining in a static position (the facial blood is a good example), the censoring isn't necessary.

This all seems pretty ludicrous to me of course (what difference does it make?), but hey, some blood is certainly better than no blood at all.

Ah. I love those rare occasions when I can actually PROVE FUNimation's incompetence. When it isn't a matter of opinion or debate, when they simply screw up and there's no way around it. This is one of those times.

For those of you who have only seen the Cartoon Network version, did you find it a little strange when Gohan suddenly said, out of the blue, "I'd hate to be the mountain lion?" Just that. It had nothing to do with anything that had just been said, it just popped out of nowhere, "I'd hate to be the mountain lion."

Well, what happened here was what I can only assume to be some rather careless editing. You see, in the uncut video, Kuririn says "Maybe a mountain lion drug her into a cave." to which Gohan replies the above. But for some inexplicable, unfathomable, and unknowable reason, Kuririn's line was cut, and Gohan's wasn't. I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to explain this one, I just think it's funny.

"I don't know, I haven't ever been there."

HA HA! Hey that's kind of fun! I should try doing that to someone. Just reply to something they didn't say and see what happens.

Buruma: "Dino here isn't even breaking a sweat!"

Oh that's FANTASTIC! Now not only are they using lame Hanna Barbera sound effects, they've gotten around to making actual references to lame Hanna Barbera characters! I hope they get sued. And, of course, not only is the line stupid, but Dino has no place in the Dragon Ball universe. You can also keep Fred and Barney out while you're at it, thank you very much.

Also, I thought Ginyu's line "The power to metamorph into YOUR body... and fool your men!" while not overtly stupid, was kind of funny sounding for some reason.

Two brief shots when Ginyu impales himself. The first is him coughing up a little cloud of blood (the cough is still there, but the stuff is painted over), and the second is another little splatter when he takes his fist out of the wound. The rest of it is there, though.

I have no idea how they would have handled this in Seasons 1 and 2. Several scenes just like it were cut or censored, and this one certainly wouldn't have been an exception. But the wound is rather critical to the plot, so who knows? Oh well. I'm certainly not going to spend any time worrying about it. Let's just be glad that it didn't need to be screwed with. Pretty amazing that it's there at all, actually. This may be some sort of record for one of the most graphic acts of violence to ever be shown in a cartoon aired in the US. Cartoon Network's censorship standards certainly push the envelope!

(30 sec.) Some expendable back and forth shots of everybody flying to their respective destinations with the narrator going on with his "what will happen next?" stuff. I just thought I'd mention this because in the "last time" segment of the next episode, a couple of seconds from this scene are shown, which might leave some people scratching their heads and wondering if there's something they were missing.

Also, this is the final bit of footage to be deleted for quite a few episodes. They remain physically untouched (excluding a few censored shots) up until 79, a milestone in the history of the English version.

End English episode 57