72 "Ide yo Super Sheng Long!! Boku no Negai o Kanaetamae"
(Come Forth Super Sheng Long!! Grant My Wish)
58 "Calling the Eternal Dragon" 99-9-16

Kuririn and Gohan arrive at Freeza's ship and attempt to summon the dragon, but are unable to do so successfully. Ginyu-Goku, with Jees in tow, arrive soon after and attack. The crippled Goku-Ginyu finally arrives at the ship, and a five-way confrontation begins.

I couldn't help feeling a little pang of nostalgia while watching this episode. I may not have mentioned this before, but I thought Ginyu's Ocean Studios voice, whose name I believe is Richard Newman (not Doc Harris as I previously thought), was truly one of the best in the entire dub. In fact, (I'm almost afraid to say it) I think I even liked him better than the original J.... Ja.... Sorry. I can't bring myself to admit it.

Anyway, he had a wonderful, booming, powerful, even elegant classic "radio" voice, and this new guy... I'd say he pales in comparison, but that's an understatement. He sounds like some crappy WCW wrestler. In fact, a lot of the characters do now. Richard was better than the entire new cast of voices combined.

I really wish I could have seen how Richard would have handled the whole "body change" segment, particularly this episode. And Ian Corlett as Goku-Ginyu.... Ah, what might have been. I even missed what Terry Klassen might have done here.

Also, as of this episode, the Japanese and English versions are synced exactly, and according to FUNimation they will remain that way (with one exception, episode 79) until the end of Season 3. Note that the comparison images (above) are now gone.

Wow! A veritable slew of crappy dialogue in this one!

Vegeta: "This is going to be easier than coloring inside the lines!"

Then, upon him entering the ship, check out the complete and under JACKASS line delivery of the guard who says "Oh no! It's Vegeta! It caaaan't beeeeeee!" Gotta admit though, at least this was good for a laugh. I absolutely busted up upon hearing it. Also, notice the sounds of "fear" that the guards are making as they walk with Vegeta through the ship. Their utterly pathetic whimpering and caterwauling started to grate on my nerves after about the third consecutive minute. God, how annoying.

Kuririn, trying to summon Porunga: "Hear my howl!"

Uh....... excuse me? Did he just say "Hear my howl?"

"Hear my howl?"

Hear my retching.

What do you know, things are rapidly shifting around in that top five worst lines list. I didn't even register it the first two times I watched this episode, and I only came to accept that this is really what he said after someone posted it in a newsgroup. Good sweet Kami, "Hear my howl???"

Kuririn: "Don't we get one phone call?"

I mentioned this one in my Season 3 editorial.

Goku: "That's what you think, Captain Cocky!"

HA HA! It still makes me laugh! I plan to use this in a real life situation one of these days, I can't wait to see the look on the persons face when I hit them with it.

There were several line changes in this episode between the cut and uncut versions.

Kuririn's already stupid line "I'm locked on and ready to kick butt!" was made even stupider with "I'm locked on and ready to kick tail!"

Another altered line really worries me. In the uncut version, Kuririn says "Are you ready to wish Piccolo back from the dead?" and in the cut he says "Are you ready to wish Piccolo back from King Kai's?"

What the HFIL? I thought saying "die" was OK now! In fact, I know it is, it's been used several times so far! I really have a bad feeling about this... I have no idea why the line was changed, but it must have been done for a reason. Oh wait a minute. This is FUNimation we're talking about. Never mind.

Ginyu's line, "It's time for you TO DIE!" was changed to "It's time to say GOODBYE!"

Yikes, there it is again, twice in one episode! Oh well, who knows? As long as "die" is still used in the future (and I know it is) this isn't really anything to be concerned about. But still, I can't imagine why it is treated differently under certain circumstances...