73 "Yatsu wa Ora ja Nee! Gohan Bibiru na Chichi o Ute!! "
(He Isn't Me! Gohan, Fight Your Father!!)
59 "Gohan Defeat Your Dad!!" 99-9-17

Both Goku and Ginyu are having trouble adjusting to their new bodies, neither able to use their full potential. Kuririn, Gohan, and Goku-Ginyu have no choice but to fight Ginyu-Goku, even if it means destroying Goku's body. Meanwhile, Vegeta easily kills Jees, and the badly crippled Ginyu-Goku sets his sights on Vegeta's body.

Well, this episode certainly had its share of crappy dialogue, one of the worst yet in fact. But, as before, it was really nice to see Jees die without any of the sugarcoating that it would have certainly undergone in seasons one and two, I just can't get enough of Cartoon Network's editing standards (or lack thereof).

Ginyu: "I've got to get the strength up in this body, or I'm done like dinner!"

Again, I talked about this bafflingly stupid line in my season 3 editorial, and I should mention that I actually took a lot of crap from Texans when, in trying to figure out its origin, I said, "is it some Texas thing?" I mean people were REALLY irate at that, and made all sorts of assumptions about what I was saying. Just from those simple FIVE WORDS, people read all SORTS of things into it, and I got called bigoted, prejudiced, even (heh) racist. One guy was so mad he said he'd never come to my site again.

My God, is this some Texas thing? Did I touch a nerve or what? Man, settle the HFIL down, people! The only reason I said that is because FUNimation is based IN TEXAS and the dubbing is being done IN TEXAS. Therefore, I figured, maybe some Texan expression that I'm unfamiliar with had gotten in there. I still think it's a stupid line, and that Southerners have a whole lot of funny peculiarities (I lived in Louisiana for a year), but I also think that we Californians have a whole lot of our OWN stupid expressions and peculiarities, and I'm just as willing to make fun of those. So stop complaining about this, guys! I'm not some ignorant bigot, and I know that, in reality, Texas isn't what the common stereotypes make it out to be. So calm down, put on your cowboy hats, and have some chewin' tabacky! (Heh)

I noticed for the first time in this episode that, listening to Vegeta and Jees in the same scene together, they are both played by the same guy. Listen to Vegeta's laugh here and you'll see what I mean.

Also, kind of funny that Jees says that Vegeta has no chance of ever beating "even the weakest of the Ginyu Force," even though he WATCHED Vegeta do just that a few episodes earlier. Continuity, FUNimation! Does that word mean anything to you??

Ginyu: I hope you're both wearing clean underwear, because you're about to take a trip to the emergency ward!"

I worry about what's going to end up in MY underwear after enduring stupid lines like this. Another damned lame, not to mention incomprehesible, bit of dialogue. Somebody e-mailed me at one point and said that this is actually a variation on a common threat that parents make to their kids, but I never heard it from mine. Thank Kami for that. Anyway, it looks like it's not just me who finds the line funny, because Cartoon Network is now using it in the eyecatches for the show.

Kaiou's voice.

The Season 3 voice makes its debut in this episode, and the horror I felt upon hearing it for the first time was almost unparalleled by anything else in the English version. Oh man. This is one of those times where FUNimation manages to reach a ten on the insult meter. How could they DO this to my poor, poor Kaiou-sama? For those of you who have never heard his Japanese voice, I wish you could, because you just have no idea how much more you would like this character. He does not sound like a fat, slobbering, snorting, blubbering retard with a lisp. Joji Yanami's Kaiou was wise, and mature, and lovable, but at the same time eccentric and genuinely funny. He was like a sweet old grandfather.

And then along came the English version, and FUNimation decided to completely screw him. First there was Dave Ward's, which was bad. But this one? It ties with Season 3 Kuririn as absolutely the worst voice in the entire English version. They've managed to turn a completely sweet and charming character into an annoying, repugnant little ball of unpleasantness that is absolutely impossible to like. And they expect the audience to believe that he is a martial arts master? I really hate FUNimation sometimes, and this is one of them. They absolutely ruined a character that I love.

Goku, after Vegeta kills Jees: "Vegeta. no! That kind of violence is pointless!"

Thanks for the public service announcement, FUNimation.

Incidentally, I'd like to mention that Jees' death is more powerful in the original, and the difference is in a very simple dialogue difference. His last words are not "Vegeta....Nooooo!" He actually says "Ta...ta...ta..suke..te...!" which means "Help me!" I love that. It's just so hopeless and desperate, and the way Kazumi Tanaka delivers the line really gives you a chill. Wow. Even these little miniscule differences make the two versions so unlike each other.

As of this episode, it is now Goku who does the "next episode" preview instead of that god-awful narrator. The Japanese version has of course been doing it this way from the very beginning, but better late than never, I guess. It even starts the same way. Goku's ever-present greeting: "Osu! Ora Goku!" ("Hi! This is Goku!") remains as-is. There is one difference, though. In the original, other characters usually get into the narration, but Goku does it solo in the English one. Oh well, getting closer FUNimation. Every little bit counts.