74 "Daigosan!! Ginyu ga Kaeru ni Nachatta"
(Oops!! Ginyu Has Become a Frog)
60 "Captain Ginyu... The Frog" 99-9-20

While attempting to switch with Vegeta, Goku-Ginyu intercepts Ginyu-Goku's change beam, and both return to their own bodies. Ginyu attempts switching with Vegeta next, but the badly crippled Goku manages to throw a Namek toad into the beam's path, leaving Ginyu in a useless body. Vegeta leads everyone into Freeza's ship, puts Goku into a rejuvenation tank, and gives Gohan and Kuririn new battlesuits.

Well, thankfully enough, Ginyu is pretty much out of the picture from this episode on (except for a brief comeback a bit later) so that's one less crappy voice to deal with.

Ya know, I thought Ginyu's body switch trick was really cool, but Toriyama probably did just enough with it before it began to get old.

While I'm not sure if this should be considered stupid dialogue, I guess I should mention that dub Goku's "Kamehame-dump" is now legendary among fans.

Man, this is one of those things you just have to hear for yourself. It's REALLY funny sounding.

Ka....(urgh hmph gghgh)
Me.... (huugggh huggghhh)
Ha.... (Come on PUSH it out Goku!)
HAAA..... (aaaah, there it goes! *PLOP*)

Boy, that one sounded like a real pipe clogger! All I can tell you is that Masako Nozawa's version of this Kamehameha was a little strained, but nothing like THIS! The FUNimation voice directors must have no imagination if they don't realize how this would sound to people watching the show. I can see concerned parents rushing into their living rooms saying, "What on EARTH are you watching?" Oh well. On the bright side, at least "Kamehameha" is FINALLY being pronounced correctly, which is indeed something to be happy about.

But this whole grunting and straining thing is actually a real chronic problem in Season 3. The characters make these totally unnecessary and stupid "ER ER UH ER ER! AH TA TA TA ER ER!" sounds throughout the battle scenes, and this just doesn't happen in the original. Let the sound effects do the work guys, sheesh. We can SEE that they're fighting, they don't need to make stupid little kid fight noises. Maybe Captain Ginyu's line about checking your underwear wasn't really that out of place after all. With all the grunting and straining you hear in the dub, you begin to wonder if they might indeed be having any "accidents" out there.

Oh yeah, and Vegeta's "Get along little froggy!" line was pretty stupid too.

(12 sec.) Upon entering the ship, everyone is greeted by a stack of bodies littering the corridor, the guards that Vegeta killed. Interestingly, one of them is still plainly visible in the English version, but it isn't cut or censored. Whatever, don't ask me to explain this. The "body mystery" continues.

Kuririns stupid lines in this episode: "Mondo cool!" (which Vegeta repeats a second later) and, (oh no), "Excuse me for living!"

Come on, isn't his voice bad enough already? Why do we have to hear him use eighties valley girl expressions?

When Freeza jumps on Nail's chest he doesn't just open his mouth and groan, he pukes up blood. More of the "no spurting" rule in action.