May 15th Hey everybody, I'm back. Not really a content update, I am ashamed to say, but a few things have definitely changed.

Obviously, you know that I moved, and that took a whole bunch of time that I didn't have. You can read the story behind that here if you haven't done so yet.

The starry background is gone. I've been meaning to do that for... oh... well over a year now but never got around to it. I just never liked the thing all that much, and it was pretty pointless. Everything should be easier to read now, in any case.

I've also changed the directory structure of the site somewhat, but I don't think that matters to any normal human being. Everything pretty much works the same way.

There is one bug on this new server that I should alert everybody about, and that's basically the fact that the "Series Main" and "Opinions Main" buttons (in the episodes/opinion essays) result in a glitch. Long story as to why there's a glitch, so I won't go into it. In any case, don't use those links. I'll remedy the situation one of these days, but it will involve a tedious, repetitive and boring procedure that I'm not looking forward to.

Other than that, I know I haven't updated in a very long time, and I'm sorry. A lot of you have emailed me about it, and the comments tend to be either one of two extremes: Polite and sympathetic support (which make me feel guilty), or angry, frustrated tirades (which make me feel anxious) . At any rate, both types make me feel bad, so please just try to hang in there everyone. I'm a full time UC student with two jobs, and this quarter is particularly busy. And when I'm not doing "life" stuff, I want to spend time with my friends, which leaves no time whatsoever for the site. But school is going to be over in about three weeks, and I'll be coming back around then in a big way, I promise.

And thanks for the half a million hits! Amazing!

April 3rd Removed the April Fools joke, nothing else.

WMXVI quickie review: All-day retrospective awesome (yep, watched almost ALL of it), ladder match awesome, main event awesome (I don't care what anyone says, dammit), farewell Mick, looking forward to new plot twist, that's about it.

April 1st First of all, what is that goulish stench? Sweet bastard, I must say that is one of the NASTIEST aromas that I have ever endured. It smells like an outhouse exploded. I didn't think a smell that bad could exist in nature. And why is it drifting about the entire neighborhood? What blackhearted villain is responsible for unleashing the very bowels of HFIL?

Anyway, hope ya liked my little April Fool's joke on the front page. I even put it on the site map, just in case any of you have that page bookmarked. And yes, it is a JOKE, I am NOT shutting down the site. Those of you who were around at this time last year were probably on your guard for something like this, but I'm sure I still got some of the old schoolers nonetheless. I apologize to the newbies, but April Fools is just something I must participate in. I happen to love this holiest of days, and the opportunity it gives me to mess with people's minds. The day almost makes up for the rest of April, which is basically a month for sissies. Not only that, but everything bad always happens in April. The Titanic sank, Hitler was born, the 1906 earthquake destroyed San Francisco... the list goes on.

The real joke in all of this, however, is that NOTHING ON THE SITE HAS BEEN UPDATED!!! Sorry, but I've been way busier than anticipated and haven't gotten around to doing any work. I do have a few episode comparisons nearing completion, so hopefully those will see the light of day soon. But I feel that I must tell you all right now that life is busy, and updates are going to be very thin and infrequent until summer. Then I'll have time to bust loose and go all out on the rest of Season 3.

Speaking of Season 3, just in case you haven't heard this anywhere else (and so I won't get a thousand of you e-mailing me the "news"), Cartoon Network will finally begin airing the long-awaited Garlic Jr. Saga on Saturday, April 8th during an all-Toonami 24 hour marathon. Not sure exactly what times, but check the news on PlanetNamek for more specific details.

Anyway, I'm off to my bro's house in Sacramento to enjoy a certain pay-per-view event that I predict shall rock the casbah fairly thoroughly. Oh, and enjoy your sweet, fresh air, wherever you are. I'll just sit here and try not to pass out from the unholy reek of burning urine.

I'll be back in a few days to remove the April Fools joke, but I'm afraid there won't be anything new. Hope to be back (for real) soon.

March 1st Nothing much, just an addition to the "DBZ in the Media" section of the Miscellaneous page that I felt strangely compelled to put up as soon as humanly possible for some reason...

Hey, interested in a FREE DSL line?? Yep, there is indeed such a thing! Toss your old 56K modem out the window and surf the web like you have never surfed before. All you have to put up with is one of those little advertisement bars, and you not only get free internet access, but free blazingly fast internet access. That sounds like a fantastic trade-off, if you ask me. The service is being offered by a company called Free DSL, and by now you're probably wondering why this update has degenerated into a shameless advertisement. Well, it's because if I can refer 10 people to this service by April 30th, I get a free modem, and save as much as 200 bucks. (200 bucks, by the way, that will go towards the purchase of a new video capture card, and you fans of my currently on-hold section The Stuff They Didn't Show You know exactly what that means!) Anyway, go sign up, and be sure to put my e-mail address, otaku@deepthought.armory.com in the "referred by" field. Or, just use this link after you go to their main page and find out the details. (Both of the FreeDSL links will open in a new window).

See you soon.

February 27th FINALLY some new episode comparisons!

Yep, there's only two (78 and 79), but that's something, right?? And these ones are pretty meaty, so hopefully that will do for now.

Anyway, don't have much time to chitchat, so I'll see y'all later. I'll be back fairly soon, hopefully, but finals are quickly approaching so don't expect me to be around much (if at all) during the next two weeks or so. And check out the links page if you're looking for DB ROM's or emulators, I just added a new link to "other good DBZ sites."

GO, CACTUS, GO! (And please don't die, Mick...)

February 13th This actually turned out to be a much bigger update than I had anticipated, that's why it's so late. Depending on who you are, it'll either be chock full of goodies, or completely useless. I'll admit right up front that there aren't any new episode comparisons (forgive me, for I have sinned). I meant to add some, I really did, but I kind of got carried away with this other stuff and I ran out of time. Anyway, I did a lot, let me tell you. You may have already noticed some of it just by looking at the front page, such as the brand spanking new Miscellaneous section, and the super handy-dandy Site Map. Be sure to check both out carefully, there may be some surprises hiding.

So why was the Tripod downtime a good thing? Basically, it made me remember that I might have some pop-up free web space somewhere else. I'll explain that next time.

Anyway, back to the update. I added two links to "Other Good DBZ Sites," (both of which you NEED to see), two to "Miscellaneous Sites," there's a new "Pick of the Moment," and I finally removed the now-deceased "Daily Dragon Ball Chapters" from my top 3 links and replaced it with another site. So what's my new third fave? Check links to find out!

So that's about it! There'll be more soon.

Hey, anybody know where I can get a Mr. Mackey wall scroll? Just the idea of such a thing existing makes me giggle, and it would just be the coolest damn collectible in the world to have. Mr. Mackey is one of the greatest animated characters of all time, in my humble opinion. I worship him as a god.

Anyway, I'll hopefully be back in a week, m'kay?

February 8th Well, unless you haven't been here in the last couple of days, you know that the site was down between Saturday evening and Monday afternoon. It seems that Tripod just had a weird glitch, I guess. You can read their sorry ass explanation if you'd like, but long story short, all logins beginning with B, P, or S had big server problems for some reason that I don't remember or really care about. Naturally, I was one of the "lucky" few. Anyway, all I know is that the site's back up now, so it doesn't make any difference. The bad news is that I was going to update last weekend, but I ended up spending all of my time trying to figure out and fix this server problem. Now I'm smack dab in the middle of the work/school week, so I only have enough time to spare to put up this little note. And even that is mainly to stop you people from bombarding me with e-mails saying that everything's back to normal now. ^_^

Anyway, I shall return this coming weekend, for REAL this time.

You know, the downed server may have actually been a GOOD thing. I'll explain why when I update, see you then.

January 21st You guys will never guess what I updated. (Drum roll please) I HAVE FINALLY PUT UP A NEW EDITORIAL! THE ONE THAT I HAVE BEEN PROMISING FOR SEVEN FREAKIN' MONTHS! I can't really offer a good excuse as to why it took me so long, it was just one of those things where you start something, get distracted, a bunch of time passes, then you look back at it and feel intimidated because you've built it up so much in your mind. And, as always in those situations, it just got worse as time went on. But last weekend I finally sat down and said to myself that if I didn't do it now, it was never going to get done. So there it is at last, the Viz editorial. And its a hideous monster of an essay, I should warn you right now. You'll have grandchildren by the time you finish reading it. It wasn't particularly difficult or anything, (time consuming? well, yeah) but like I said, it was just one of those things that I kept putting off, and the more I put it off, the more daunting the job seemed. But boy, is it a relief to FINALLY be done with it! Anyway, it's a pretty good editorial, so be sure to check it out.

In other news, DBZ fans across the country crapped a huge collective brick earlier this month when, to their horror, they saw good ol' Raditz ship crashing on Earth rather than the widely expected (and much anticipated) first episode of the Garlic Jr. saga. I whipped up a little essay for the newsgroup alt.fan.dragonball about the situation that some of you might find quite interesting.

I'd also like to mention the unfortunate passing of the "Peanuts" strip... something that kinda bummed me out. All Dragon Ball fans owe Charles Schultz and that little bald kid of his an affectionate nod for inspiring Toriyama to create that other little bald kid we all know and love. DB would have been a very different series without Kuririn, and there would have been no Kuririn without Charlie Brown.

Anyhoo, the old counter's back, in case you haven't noticed yet. Sure, it sometimes dies for weeks at a time, but that LinkExchange one was on crack. It was totally undependable.

I'll be back in about two weeks with an important announcement about where this site will be headed over the next few months. I haven't got it all figured out yet, but I'll get it together soon. Also, there'll be a couple of new episode comparisons, as well as (heh) a few new sites on the link page that y'all MUST know about.

Hey, any of you guys like Alison Krauss? I don't listen to much bluegrass, but this stuff is just amazing...

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