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July 2nd, 1999

As I have mentioned elsewhere, the opinions section is now being filtered since the sheer volume of essays I have been receiving has increased greatly as of late. Sorry, but I just don't have time to deal with them all anymore. If I don't use yours it doesn't necessarily mean that I think it's badly written or that your opinions are inconsequential. What I am looking for here is originality, clarity, and focus. Oh, and throwing in some humor or controversy helps quite a bit, too. Basically, I'm trying to save time for everyone (especially me!), and to give you readers a more satisfying opinion page. I can honestly say (and I couldn't always before) that I wholeheartedly recommend EVERY ONE of those essays down there!

This month's selection seems to have a few recurring themes. Most of them are about season 3 (that's good! Timely essays are a big plus), they're more "confrontational" than usual, and something else happened that I found rather interesting: In the process of selecting the ones I wanted to use, I found that I was being irresistibly drawn to those whose opinions were in the minority, or in opposition to my own. Strange, eh? I can't explain it. You'll see what I mean.

K.H.B., the poor lad, must be suffering from some form of delusion. Well, that's how it seems to me anyway. He isn't just satisfied with the new episodes, he is positively RAVING about them! I think you all need to read this.

Scott Bailey, on the other hand, would disagree quite vehemently with Mr. B.'s sentiments. Here is his take on Season 3, and the treatment of anime in general.

Alfredo Figueroa's essay I chose because, while short, it makes a very simple and important point: why does anime go unchanged everywhere in the world BUT here?

Chris Monticello is back with a rather morbid essay about season 3. Hey, can't blame the guy, right? It's a damn morbid situation. Oh, excuse me, darn morbid.

Justin, poor guy, witnesses the destruction of DBZ via the third season. And the essay is semi-live, written as he hears some of the voices for the first time.

Kristina Brannan in a very well-written essay about the BGM, does something that I've never seen: defends the US score! Oh and by the way guys, she "knows music a hell of a lot better then most of you." Ahem. My oh my.

Todd Carbonara writes this in order to redeem himself of the "piece of crap" he last wrote for this section. Hey, I didn't see anything wrong with the first one.

Rick made me almost die laughing with this charming reaction to season 3. Actually, it was just one thing. Pay particular attention to the description of the various places his heart travels while watching the video, hee hee.

July 12nd, 1999

Not much new stuff this time, just three different takes on Season 3, and a response to a previous essay.

Jorge Negron and his own tragic lamentations about Season 3. (By the way, you may notice a rather amusing typo in there. He actually asked me to change it, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It's just too funny.)

Stephen Dranger a devout season 3 supporter, would like to take this opportunity to disagree with everyone. (Man, what IS it about the dissenters that I find so fascinating?

Paul Faranda does the best job I've seen so far of being both realistic and optimistic about Season 3 at the same time. His points are argued well enough to actually gave me some hope for the future, and I just wish I could be as calm and rational as he is.

Steve Harmon returns with a rebuttal to Kristina Brannan's essay about the BGM. Heh, I knew at least one of these was inevitable.

August 5th, 1999

Ryoko Takada with (hoo boy!) a rather negative essay about the American treatment of anime, and entertainment in general. Man, this one's just angry!

Sarah McKellar wrote an essay that I thought might be a little too personal for the opinion section, but she seemed to really want it posted, so I did. This is basically a letter to me about how this site ruined U.S. DBZ for her. Whoops. Tee hee. You're not the first, Sarah.

Seong Whang with some emotional thoughts about the original score as opposed to the US one.

Nathan Cancilla brings up an argument that I wrestle with a lot: whether or not the third season failing may actually be a good thing. since that would prevent any further ruination of DBZ.

A Corpse sent this one in. Yep, a dead guy. Don't ask me to explain this essay. Just read it, it's one of the funniest god damned things I've ever seen. Obviously written under the influence of an illicit substance, I just pray that he submits another essay at some point.


December 28th, 1999

Jason Wiscarson talks about Spanish DBZ, currently airing on Telemundo. If you have this channel and haven't seen what all the fuss is about, check out this essay and you'll want to.

David Wan kinda goes off the deep end here, but he made it onto the opinion page for one reason and one reason only: His essay ends with the phrase "FLYING BUTTS AND BOOBS!" Anybody who can incorporate something like that into their essay gets major points in my book.

Richard Prieto wrote this quite a while ago, so some of his essay (about the censoring of blood) is obsolete as of Season 3. Therefore, I cut it out. What's really cool here is the story that he shares at the end. HA HA! I've gotta try that!

Roger Nystrom takes issue with a little something I complain about in the episode comparisons from time to time. And you know what? He's right! I changed my mind completely because of this essay, be sure you read it.

Esmay ranting about what a moron I am, and how the US version is "great." Hey, I've gotta give equal time on the opinion page, don't I? Check it out, this guy has problems.