September 2nd OK.

Now I am ready to announce my plan.

Some of you may remember that in my second anniversary editorial, I made the guarantee that I would have all of the Season 3 episode comparisons done by the time Season 4 began to air on Cartoon Network. Season 4 begins Monday, and I have 35 episodes yet to do. That's a lot of work for one weekend. Needless to say, I'm not going to do it.

When I made that guarantee, I truly was stupid enough to believe that I would be able to live up to it. But there were a few factors that I didn't take into account, and stuff happened to me that I could not have anticipated. My problems were primarily centered around surgery and girls, among other things like my sister's wedding, an asshole of a computer, my 2 jobs, my backyard wrestling federation, laziness, etc. In short, I learned that it was impossible for me to keep up with the pace I maintained two years ago, when I had MUCH less stuff going on.

To make matters even more lame, someone at Cartoon Network decided to start Season 4 about a half a month earlier than they did last year by being really "clever" and doubling up the last three weeks worth of Freeza/Garlic Jr. episodes, further hacking away at the critical window of time I was setting aside for the comparisons.

So, basically, I'm screwed as far as my guarantee is concerned, and I apologize to all of you for that not working out. But hey, a "guarantee" isn't quite as solemn as a "promise" is it??? I always keep a promise... Anyway, my compromise is this: Starting tomorrow, I will do one new episode EVERY DAY until I finish the damned things. Following that... who knows? School starts for me on the 22nd, and I'll be well into the quarter by the time I get done with all of Season 3. So don't expect me to go sailing right into the new ones without a hitch, because I'll probably take a break around then. But I feel like the daily update for the next month or so is the only way for me to make up for not doing what I said I was going to do, no matter how much of a pain in the ass it may turn out to be for me. And I may just miss a few days every now and then, but I will try my very hardest not to.

And finally, for those of you who decided that it was necessary to complain about me not updating Wednesday, kindly go somewhere and die. That was a rough estimate at best, as suggested by the "Wednesday or so." Most of you will see this on Saturday morning (the "or so" of reference), which REALLY isn't far enough removed from Wednesday to justify your bitching. I've added a q and a to the FAQ to specifically address you update whores, so please take a look at it.

Wow, that whole thing sounded really negative and condescending, didn't it? Sorry, but I feel all "stoic" and "determined" right now, and it's affecting my normally jocular disposition. Rest assured, I'll be happy and wacky by the next time I update.

Anyway, see you TOMORROW!!! I PROMISE!!!

August 27th Part man...
Part machine...
The future of anal retentive webmasters, Cyborg Chris, is here!

For those of you who didn't read Mr.E's post on PlanetNamek.com (and who the HFIL doesn't go to PlanetNamek.com?), the surgery was a complete success. There's not much to this update except for my overly long narrative describing the event, so those of you who aren't interested in such things are SOL.

And if that is the case, I suggest you go check out the links page and visit the new Pick of the Moment. There's also another site that I've added to "Other Good DBZ Sites," which will probably offend and disgust the majority of you. Those who pay attention to the links page know that I only add something to the "Other Good..." section about twice a year, and when I do, it's always a deserving site. And while I have no negative feelings toward Meri or Castor Troy (you'll see), I just think the guy is damned funny and deserves some traffic.

And finally, I would like to announce that starting some point this week (probably Wednesday or so), DBZ Uncensored will be getting a DAILY update. Yes, that's right, DAILY! I'll give you the details next time, but for now, I'm outta here.

August 15th Well I'm back with a little something that I posted to alt.fan.dragonball that somewhat explains where the HFIL I've been for so long, and why the site isn't exactly on fire with updates.

So those of you who care, please read this.

July 27th Back with a new editorial on the DVD's, and this one is TRULY the review to end all reviews! Other than that, there is...uh...one new episode comparison (82). I was gonna do more, but that editorial really took a lot out of me.

Not that anyone will care about this stuff, but just so y'all know, I've made a few other minor changes as well. First, the cast list has been updated with the names of pretty much all of the Season 3 voice actors, I have redone the episode menus to make navigation a bit easier, and I've added one more Q and A to the FAQ (the next-to-last question) which, judging from many emails I've received, some of you need to read.

Last but not least, I've updated my review of EX's site to reflect the title change, etc. (long overdue), and I've also added a link that I want as many of you as possible to visit. She really would like some traffic, and she deserves it. Her link is the last entry in the "Miscellaneous Sites" section. I get a lot of link requests of course, but I felt I should add this one because not only do I like the site a lot, but I know the webmistress personally (as in, uh, real life). That'll always be a surefire way to get on my link page!

My little "project" isn't quite finished yet, stay tuned.

Steve Harmon has (at last!) sent me the Gen Fukunaga interview from his late, great "The Vault," so you can expect to see that soon, with my commentary.

I received my first check from Terrashare a few weeks ago, so now I know for sure that these people are actually legit and really DO pay you! If anybody out there is looking for a great host, don't be afraid to sign up with them. And use my referral link, which is: http://www.terrashare.com/join/dbzuncensored (I get a little bonus for each site I refer).

Meanwhile I'm back to my futile efforts at getting my shower drain cleared. I've tried just about everything, but no matter what, the water just drains so s----l----o----w. I swear to Kami there's got to be a frigging dead baby in there. Anybody happen to know how many bottles of Drano it takes to dissolve a baby?

Be back soon!

July 10th GOD, this whole "work on the site during summer" thing is just NOT working out like I'd hoped! If it's not work, it's some stupid "social" thing that always comes up. I was actually planning on updating a while ago, but I keep getting dragged to stuff. And then there's the mean German chick who likes to grab my butt. I love that chick! Especially because she doesn't seem to mind when I grab her butt back. ^_- Heh, anyway, my point here is that things like that really test my ability to concentrate on the site, and hopefully there'll be less distractions from here on.

But enough of that. I have something to tell you guys that you will not believe until you see it for yourselves: I've added new episode comparisons!!! There's only two for now, but I'll be back VERY soon with more. They're almost done, but I wanted to get a REAL update finished as soon as possible since some of you are obviously starting to get pretty antsy. (Click on all three words... I especially like the third guy. That's my kind of fella.)

Oh and by the way, does Phil Hendrie's son visit this site??? On the show the other day, he said something about his kid being on "some Dragonballz website" when he was supposed to be doing his homework. I'm a Hendrie fan, so just thought I'd throw that out there because it would be pretty cool if his kid came to DBZ Uncensored.

June 24th Naturally, I was stupid enough to put a time for when I'd be returning with an update in my anniversary editorial, which always seems to ensure that I will not meet that date. Anyway, I said two weeks, and it's now been two and a half, so I thought I should at least stop in and say hi.

It turns out that even with school getting out, I've been a lot busier over the last few weeks than I thought I was going to be. My bosses have taken me hostage, and want me to do a bunch of "extra" work. I resent that just as much as you do. But I HAVE found a little time here and there to do a bit of work on the site... just not ENOUGH time. And no getting pissed! The only thing I actually PROMISED is that I'd have all Season 3 episode comparisons done by the time Season 4 starts airing, and I still fully intend to live up to that!

In any case, I WILL return soon, with something I've been working on that's kinda new and cool and different. You'll like it too, I think, since you guys always seem to be pleased with my wacky ideas. Which is good. Because you know it's my duty... to please that booty!

Uh... or something.

June 6th Well, the ol' anniversary has come again, and I've written a rather brief editorial that should be of some use to somebody. Or not. Whatever.

Anyway, as I say in the editorial, I'm still going to be busy with school for a few more days. But within the next two weeks... ah, I shall usher in the new era of DBZ Uncensored. The return of this site to its former, updated-more-than-once-a-month glory.

Now I'm off to devise a plan for stealing Greg Werner's prom date.

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