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March 1st

Leo Corleone says that the English version is nothing more to him than something to provide "a humorous 30 minutes for us Japanese DBZ oriented guys." Heh, that's pretty much how I view it, although I'd replace the word "humorous" with "painful."

Ike Sainoi with a good, solid essay that brings up some of my favorite arguments, and a bunch of other stuff. (He watched Overfiend in SIXTH GRADE?? Geez...)

Mervin Bazile brings up an interesing point in this essay. We all know that DBZ was censored so heavily because of Saban. But could there be more to it than that? Is America's "anime prejudice" at least partly to blame as well?

"Stoker1439" tries to outdo my "broadcast anime" editorial the same week I put it up! Heh, seriously, a very good essay, one of my favorites so far.

"MorganaAML" has an interesting way of putting things: "'Rock the Dragon' is cute, but sounds like a show about a rap group composed of dragons." HA HA! That's incredibly funny for some reason.

April 1st

Marie-Claude Paradis keeps it quick and concise. Actually one of few people who doesn't like Vegeta's English voice. Even I, purist of the purists, have gotten used to it.

Andrew McClure with another brief but to-the-point essay.

Henry Dunn, like all of us, is hoping against hope that FUNimation and Cartoon Network will deliver a third season worthy of DBZ. This is his wish list.

Rhiannon Lee is worried that, at 13, people will think she is too old to be watching cartoons. WELL WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME, THEN??

"Lucid Flow" (what a name!) is also into the micro-essay thing. Can't say I agree with him about the "all Japanese voices sound too much alike" thing, but to each his own, I guess.

Chris Giancola got his first taste of Japanese DBZ through the International Channel. Here is his initial reaction, an essay that I found very interesting.

April 18th

"Miseducation" with some unique and interesting ovservations and ideas. Also, a little public service announcement for you Trunks wannabes.

Robert Burton with an essay from the "obsessed serial killer" mold. He actually writes quite well for 11, but my oh my, I'm a little afraid of this kid.

Kristina Brannan told me that her essay "pretty much states what everyone else has already said," but I disagree. There are a lot of excellent points here, and a good comparison between DBZ and Gargoyles.

"Mimick" another young but talented writer, was converted to the original, and the dub almost makes him "regurgitate food on myself." Take note FUNimation! This is your target demographic, and he doesn't like it either!

"Axiem" with (man, you guys are on a roll today!) another really good essay. Never seen the Japanese version, but has some detailed thoughts on voices, and how upcoming characters should be handled.

"Juuhachigou" with a very quick and to the point essay. I really like her idea that the alterations "should be considered vandalism, and banned." I totally agree.

Ryan (um, that's the only name he gave me!) thinks that everyone should stop saying how much the dub sucks, and instead use that energy to try to get commercially available subs. Heh, I try to do a little of both.