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November 8th

Spamdini says: "If you don't like it, don't watch it, and don't let your children watch it. Don't ruin it for the rest of us." Amen, brother!

Adrian Saavedra writes a clear, concise, well supported essay about FUNimation's inconsistencies with censoring. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Alyson Strother comes from an interesting perspective. She's not even a fan, but even from this "objective" standpoint, she's with us 100%.

Vincent Valentine (Yeah, like THAT'S his real name!) has a lot to get off his chest, and he goes with the "overall" approach.


December 11th

Jelani Parham is back again, with a vengeance. Some more excellent points in this one.

Brady Hartel mentions a bunch of stuff, including a few notes about the Spanish version and Saban's paranoia.

Bennett Cousins has... well... she just goes off! This essay certainly isn't focused, but it's damned enjoyable to read, if for no other reason than the creative use of English. But there's some good points here, and creatively put.

Jelani Parham is an EXTREMELY talkative young man! Third times the charm, I guess. But this one's just as good as the other two.

Sean S. writes an essay on the problems with DBZ fansubs. It's slightly off-topic, but that's OK, I found it interesting anyway.

"Sokidan" is, as he says, "short and sweet," and seems to agree with most of the sentiments expressed so far.

Dan McFall is another of the redeemed, the saved, the enlightened. Another great story of conversion from the unholy Dub to the divine bliss of the original Japanese version.


January 11th

Gregg Kantor joins the chorus with a really quick essay that makes a very good point.

Steven Clarkson needs your help! Read his suggestion about how Canadian viewers can fight to get DBZ back on the air.

"Jupiter Dragon" says: "loyal anime viewers...like to see blood and a little gore in cartoons now a days, instead of pink bunnies." Damned right. DOWN WITH PINK BUNNIES!

Erin Rogers is a "moderate" as far as the dub is concerned. But then again, she hasn't seen the Japanese version yet, and I can tell already that once she does... WHAM. There'll be no turning back.

Alfredo Figueroa agrees with the general sentiments expressed so far, for the most part. I'd have to take issue with his statement that "Goku sounds better in English than in Japanese," but that's neither here nor there.

Jesse Gomez has the distinction of being the biggest potty-mouth in the opinions section! "Sorry for the profanity but it helps me get my point across," he says. Well, fair enough. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and censor you. Swear on, brother Jesse!


February 9th

"Tanglemane" graces us with a wonderful essay that has that "excellent argument" thing going for it. This one's a keeper, really.

Dan Kelly's essay isn't entirely on-topic, but it's still relevant, and I like it. It's nice to read an essay that's a little different every now and then, this one's mainly about how broadcast anime has been treated over the years.

Eric Gustafson responds to a comment I made in one of my editorials. As he says it: "I really think that whoever had the brilliant idea to actually give away some of Dragonball's greatest surprises, really needs to get that monkey outta their butt." Well said, Eric!

Robert Peeler (remember him?) is back with "somewhat of a retraction" to his earlier, controversial essay (read it!) praising the dub. He has since begun to appreciate the Japanese version more (which was inevitable, though, wasn't it?!). More interesting perspectives.

Vincent Watkins isn't afraid to say something "sucks" when he thinks it does. And, according to him, there's plenty of sucky stuff going on with FUNimation's DBZ. Heh, I like the honesty.

Paul Sakuma writes about his frustrations about not only the dub, but DBZ in general. He, like so many others, intensely dislikes the filler episodes, further suggesting that FUNimation should target that stuff for cutting, rather than the important character-oriented material they too often do away with.

February 16th

Heather Suchy "despises" Cha-la Head Cha-la! Owch! Well, I don't agree with that, but I do agree with most of this essay, so that's OK. I find her suggestion that FUNimation paint over the halos rather amusing as well. Hey, if the characters are just "in another dimension" then the halos don't make sense, do they?

David Goodell was one of the lucky few to find some Japanese episodes in a video store. He discusses the discovery and its ramifications, among other things.

Jessica Armstrong with a very short and simple essay. She doesn't like the Japanese voices! Ack! Well, she'll be won over to the winning side eventually. They all are, sooner or later.