Site Map

Over time, this site has grown quite a bit. People were starting to e-mail me about where to find particular items, and some complained that the thing was just too hard to navigate. So I figured that a site map was in order, and once I started doing it, I could see that they were right. I didn't realize how big this site had gotten. So anyway, here it is.

I know this looks pretty chaotic at first, but there's actually a sensible organizational system here. The only thing that might be confusing is the "-->" This designates a sub-section within the page, rather than a separate link. For example, click on "-->Future Plans" under "Introduction" to go straight to the paragraph about Future Plans on the introduction page. Anyway, once you figure the map out, it will make navigating this here site just a little bit easier, not to mention faster. You can get to pretty much anything on the site with a single click this way (at the most two in the case of episodes/opinions), rather than the old method. I suggest setting your "DBZ Uncensored" bookmark to this page, in fact, rather than the main page. It will load a lot faster, and as you can see, the last update is noted here.

Well, you probably could have figured all of this out just by looking at the damn thing, but excessive and unnecessary talking is just something I do.

Dragon Ball Z Uncensored